Koala Smart Communities

Bushfire activity in recent months has had everyone thinking about not only human safety and survival, but the safety of our animals, and all Australian wildlife.

Hundreds, if not thousands of animals have been injured or perished in the fires, vast tracts of natural habitat have been lost, and the job of cleaning up and restoration seems insurmountable.

But the very fact that you are on this website and reading this post means that you care and looking for ways to make a difference. Moreover, our children care and their power to enact change and inspire those around them cannot be overlooked.

Koala Smart made its debut in 2019 and once all entries were in, judged and celebrated, they were taken on public exhibition to show the wider community the amazing initiatives put forward by some very creative young people.

It is estimated that more than 2000 people viewed the Koala Smart displays in Port Macquarie, Wauchope and Kempsey. Works of art, video productions, books, and community education initiatives were on display. While the colourful koala sculptures added colour to the display, people were very interested in the students’ ideas about slowing the decline in koala populations and protecting koala habitat.

Growing interest in continuing the concept has encouraged the rollout of Koala Smart to other areas in NSW, southern Queensland, and northern Victoria.