Small School, Big Goals

Students at Delungra Public School became concerned by the devastation caused by the drought and decided to help the environment to recover.

Saving a Species

Koala Conservation Australia (the organisation behind The Port Macquarie Koala Hospital) has embarked on an ambitious project to reverse Australia’s rapidly declining koala populations: the first wild koala breeding program in the world!

Baby Koala

Habitat Helpers

Imagine this: you spend a day or two away from home and when you return there’s a massive fence preventing you from getting in. What do you do? Now imagine if your house was destroyed.  The plan then would be to try and rebuild. But what if a six-lane highway ran through where your home once stood?

Developing the Idea

Kempsey Adventist High School (KAS) students designed and prototyped the Koala 000 app, which was recognised with top honours as part of the Koala Smart project in 2019.

Koala Smart Communities

Koala Smart made its debut in 2019 and once all entries were in, judged and celebrated, they were taken on public exhibition to show the wider community the amazing initiatives put forward by some very creative young people.

The Power of the Koala

The results of Koala Smart on show at Panthers, Port Macquarie.
Almost 300 people attended the Koala Smart Schools Display launch at Panthers last week. Students, their families, teachers and supporters compared entries then settled in to hear which schools would take out the honours.

Koala Smart Project Results