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Your donation to Koala Smart directly supports a mission to educate and inspire the next generation of conservation leaders. By instilling in them a deep understanding and appreciation for koalas, we empower them to become advocates for conservation and catalysts for positive change in the future. By contributing to Koala Smart, you are investing in the future of koala conservation.

Every donation to Koala Smart goes towards:

    • Providing FREE wildlife focused educational resources for schools
    • Keeping factual resources up to date with scientific advancements
    • Supporting classrooms implementing student led koala conservation initiatives
    • Inspiring the next generation to be stewards of koalas

Koala Smart is a not-for-profit and registered charity. Operations rely on the support of passionate individuals, corporate collaborations and grants. Your support is invaluable in enabling us to provide free services and resources, maximizing our impact.

Your generous donation, no matter the size, makes a meaningful difference for koala conservation.

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