What age group is Koala Smart designed for?
The Koala Smart lesson plans have been developed for year 3 to 9 students.
How long does it take to deliver Koala Smart lessons?
An estimated time for delivery is shown at the top of each lesson plan. Educators can choose to do one Koala Smart lesson in one session, or all of them over the course of a school term or longer. It depends on how deep the educator wants to go.
Does the class have to do field-study or out-of-class work?
No. Many Koala Smart lessons can be delivered entirely in your classroom.
How do we connect with a professional conservationist to schedule a guest speaker or help with a project?

The ‘Local Information’ section of the Teacher area will provide options for guest speakers and experts per location on a map. Not all experts are listed so to connect with additional experts, email your location and area of interest to Koala Smart via our CONTACT FORM.

Is any prior knowledge about koala health or conservation required by educators delivering Koala Smart lessons?
The short answer is, ‘no’.   Koala Smart is designed for educators with no prior experience or knowledge in mind. The videos are a great starting point for both teachers and students. Clinical information under student resources (accessible to teachers students) also provides a lot of foundational information.

How does the Koala Smart team support teachers?

Koala Smart’s mission is to motivate educators and students to become confident conservation warriors. Supporting resources for the program are also available such as videos and teaching notes. Volunteers (called ‘Critical Friends’) are also available in some locations to assist. The Teachers area offers the opportunity to request a ‘Critical Friend’ to support your Koala Smart journey. Also, customer support is always available through a phone call or via email which can be found on the contact page.


How does the Koala Heroes program work?
Koala Smart offers financial support to selected project ideas that will benefit koalas, their habitat, or play a role in community education. Koala Heroes is open to schools/teachers who are registered with Koala Smart and have been actively using the Koala Smart lesson plans.  More information about Koala Heroes and the application form  can be found in the Teacher’s area.


Is Koala Smart available for homeschooling?
Yes. Lesson plans can be utilized in a homeschool environment. However, Koala Smart cannot provide financial support to just one homeschool. If Koala Heroes is a goal, then it is recommended that homeschoolers use their network of other home schoolers and/or educators to team up and develop an actionable idea together.  Also, a minimum number would be required (the number would depend on your location) to take advantage of additional resources such as incursions.  But rest assured that customer support is always available via phone or email.


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