How it Works


The koala is one of the world’s most loved animals and a living Australian icon. There are a multitude of dangers and threats to the koala’s survival. As an individual, saving a species is just about impossible. But, collectively, we can make a big difference.

With separate programs for primary and high school students, you can be sure to find lessons and content to motivate and excite everybody.

Read on to learn more about what to expect from the Koala Smart framework.

Baby Koala

The Koala Smart Framework

You Can choose to complete the whole Koala Smart Program, or pick and choose the elements that suit you. Find some ideas to get you started here.


The Koala Smart commitment to koala conservation begins by immersing you in the enchanting world of these iconic marsupials. Through captivating visuals, and/or school incursions or excursions, we set the scene for a deep connection with koalas and their habitats.


Our meticulously crafted lesson plans cater to learners of all ages, offering a comprehensive curriculum on koala conservation. From primary school explorations to advanced secondary school studies, Koala Smart provides engaging, grade-specific content that fosters an understanding of the challenges facing koalas and the practical steps individuals can take to safeguard their future.


Use this interactive map to discover localised information, stories, and destinations.


This is where you can directly contribute to koala conservation. The “Complete a Project” element connects you with ‘Critical Friends’ who can assist you in applying new knowledge and skills.

Additionally, consider exploring the “Koala Heroes” program where Koala Smart financially supports students’ initiatives. Together, we can turn learning into meaningful action, nurturing a community of eco-champions dedicated to preserving koalas and their habitats.

Project Examples

If you choose to complete the program with a project, you will be supported by a mentor or Koala expert

Wauchope Public designs app

Wauchope Public students decided to create an engaging and interactive app that can be accessed on mobile phones, tablets and iPads.
After gathering data from 300 plus local members, students and teachers felt the most important thing was to have a platform for all community members to access in order to share and contribute to saving koalas in our local area.

School develops app to save the Koala

Koala Smart Top Performers

Two, metre-high blank koala sculptures, donated by Hello Koalas Sculpture Trail, were waiting on stage at Panthers last week as Koala Smart judging wrapped up.

Hastings Secondary College

ABC Mid North Coast Presenter, Cameron Marshall, interviewed students from the Hastings Secondary College – Westport Campus about their Koala Smart entry.