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Using Koala Smart

Koala Smart is a conservation project-based learning program

Time Saving

Programming is done for you – lesson plans, activities and presentations

Curriculum Aligned

Flexible program designed by teachers with newly reviewed content created to suit Primary & Secondary classes

Access to Free Resources

Interviews with experts in the field, virtual behind the scenes tours and educational videos

Take Lessons Beyond the Classroom

Create projects with real world impact

Access to Experts and Mentors

Receive support from environmental professionals and volunteers to inspire and motivate your students

Excursions & Incursions

Consolidate learning with local excursions or engage in online opportunities

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Koala populations are declining!

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Koala Heroes

Take your students’ ideas to new heights through the Koala Heroes program. Unlock up to $1000 in funding and ignite your students’ potential as Koala Heroes. Unleash student’s creativity and problem–solving skills as they develop a koala conservation project. With Koala Smart on board, you’ll gain access to resources, funding, and expert support to turn classroom concepts into ground breaking projects.

Illustrations of Practice

Small School, Big Goals

Students at Delungra Public School became concerned by the devastation caused by the drought and decided to help the environment to recover.

What people say about Koala Smart

St Columbia

Education is not about collecting knowledge; it is about applying to real world scenarios. It is about collaborating. Being creative, communicating, being a caring citizen and thinking about real world problems, coming up with solutions.

Ann-Kathrin Kiehn

St Columba Anglican School Port Macquarie

Phil Harris

This program is about making a difference, so even if only a few classes are involved, the awareness will be transferred throughout the whole school and even the surrounding community.

Phil Harris

Principal, Tacking Point Public School, Port Macquarie

Claire Goldie

We used Koala Smart as an intervention program. We worked with a small group of Year 8 boys to help build literacy and critical thinking skills as well as build self confidence and good decision-making skills. We found it extremely successful in this regard.
Claire Goldie

Science Teacher, St Joseph’s Regional College, Port Macquarie